From June 15 — July 15 a large Euro­pean study will assess HIV-neg­a­tive people’s aware­ness of PrEP, and their will­ing­ness and inten­tion to use it. The sur­vey Flash! PrEP in Europe also aims to eval­u­ate the use of PrEP out­side clin­i­cal tri­als in 12 Euro­pean coun­tries, includ­ing the Nether­lands.

Find­ings will influ­ence nation­al and Euro­pean advo­ca­cy on PrEP.

We rec­om­mend you to take part in the sur­vey and please sug­gest it to peo­ple you know. And while you’re at it, don’t for­get to men­tion our own PrEP­nu peti­tion.

Last updated 03/01/2017