GGD Ams­ter­dam par­ti­cip­ates in the large inter­na­tional PrEP-study DISCOVER. This study is to estab­lish the safety and effect­ive­ness of the new pill F/TAF in com­par­ison to the exist­ing PrEP pill Truvada. You can apply until the 26th of March.

About the DIS­COVER-study

The DIS­COVER-study is designed by Gilead, man­u­fac­turer of both Truvada and F/TAF. Unlike the H-TEAM’s AMPrEP-study, DISCOVER (also con­duc­ted at GGD Ams­ter­dam) studies the effect­ive­ness and safety of the new pill as PrEP.

Half of the par­ti­cipants will get Truvada, the other half will get the new pill F/TAF. Par­ti­cipants nor research staff will know who gets which pill. F/TAF is already avail­able for HIV treat­ment but its effect­ive­ness as PrEP had not yet been sci­en­tific­ally researched.

Who can sign up for the study?

PrEP is meant as an extra pre­ven­tion tool for HIV neg­at­ive people who have a sub­stan­tial risk for HIV infec­tion. Gay men and other men who have sex with men and trans­gender women can sign up for DISCOVER on the GGD’s website.

Altern­at­ive: DIY-PrEP

More people choose to buy their generic PrEP abroad or online. Next week you’ll find inform­a­tion on explain­ing how to do this safely and reli­ably.

Last updated 18/03/2017