PrEPnu had a suc­cess­ful debut with the first PrEP con­sulta­tion on Monday. Imme­di­ately after the announce­ment people started signing up and within 24 hours the con­sulta­tion was fully booked.

The PrEP con­sulta­tion intends to help people make a respons­ible choice for safe use of generic PrEP. Where do you buy reli­able pills? How do you use them? What medical assist­ance is required? PrEPnu offers non-judge­mental, kind and pro­fes­sional advice.

From now on the con­sulta­tion will be on Sat­urdays.

The next PrEP con­sulta­tion will be on Sat­urday 22nd July 2017.

Please sign up in advance by sending us an email to

Last updated 12/07/2017