We had to wait for a long time, but as of com­ing Mon­day, Octo­ber 30, gener­ic PrEP will be avail­able for one-sixth of the price that Phar­ma giant Gilead still charges for Tru­va­da™. With a doctor’s pre­scrip­tion you can get PrEP from San­doz in all the Plus-phar­ma­cies in the Nether­lands. The price for a bot­tle of 30 pills will be €99,50.

Still too expen­sive
PrEP­nu is hap­py with this step, but believes that almost 100 euros for 30 pills is still too high. PrEP should be cov­ered by health insur­ance but as long as this is not the case, a com­mer­cial price shouldn’t be high­er than 50 euros.

If you’re inter­est­ed in get­ting your own gener­ic PrEP for 50 euros or less, we advise you to read our infor­ma­tion in FAQ4 about gener­ic PrEP https://www.prepnu.nl/en/faqs/ . If you have more ques­tions then you are wel­come to join our week­ly work­shop.

PrEP­nu start­ed a week­ly free PrEP work­shop ser­vice in the cen­tre of Ams­ter­dam. We will answer all your ques­tions about PrEP-use and gener­ic med­ica­tion. We’ll also assist you in your choice for inde­pen­dent PrEP-use. We give you friend­ly, non-judge­men­tal pro­fes­sion­al advice.

Last updated 03/11/2017