Get informed! Share your knowl­edge! Shout it out!

With a few sim­ple actions you can increase PrEP edu­ca­tion and help mak­ing PrEP avail­able soon­er in the Nether­lands.
Below you will read what you can do.

Got an idea for an action your­self? Share it with us through our con­tact page.

Stay informed
Stay up-to-date about the most recent PrEP news. Visit our Resources section for good sources of PrEP information and the results of PrEP studies.
Tell your friends
Educate and inform the people in your social and sexual networks about PrEP. Let them know how and where to find good and reliable information. Share the website with five friends today!
Support our petition for PrEP in the Netherlands
Join hundreds of others calling for swift access to PrEP. Read our mission statement and sign the petition. The more people join us, the more impact we have!
Speak out against stigma
Embarrassment and stigma surrounding HIV and sexuality can interfere with an open discussion about PrEP. Break the taboo! Challenge negative comments about PrEP that you might see or hear.
Ask your sexual health clinic and apply for AMPrEP
Ask about PrEP availability at your next sexual health clinic visit, even if you don’t intend to use it yourself. Kindly request the healthcare professional to record your request at the clinic.
We also strongly advise you to apply at the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam) to participate in the AMPrEP study. Although they are not currently accepting new participants, by doing so they will have a record of your wish to be eligible for PrEP in the future.
Pressure Gilead!
Gilead is a large pharmaceutical company. It produces Truvada. In the Netherlands you pay approximately €600 a month for Truvada. You can reach Gilead with your questions and comments through their Twitter-account.