How do you use PrEP – or are you plan­ning to do?

Last updated 06/05/2017

Do you use PrEP cur­rently? Or would you like to use PrEP? Please par­ti­cip­ate in a short ques­tion­naire of Maastricht Uni­ver­sity. We are curious to know your exper­i­ences and needs! Maastricht Uni­ver­sity is the only research insti­tute in The Neth­er­lands that received funding from the AIDS Fonds to study the use of […]

New PrEP-study at GGD Ams­ter­dam

Last updated 18/03/2017

GGD Ams­ter­dam par­ti­cip­ates in the large inter­na­tional PrEP-study DISCOVER. This study is to estab­lish the safety and effect­ive­ness of the new pill F/TAF in com­par­ison to the exist­ing PrEP pill Truvada. You can apply until the 26th of March. About the DIS­COVER-study The DIS­COVER-study is designed by Gilead, man­u­fac­turer of both Truvada and […]

PrEP-act­iv­ist health pro­fes­sion­als launch ini­ti­at­ive

Last updated 03/01/2017

Cheers mate! We’ll take our health in our own hands.” With a cheer­fully cheeky slogan, last week a new group of PrEP act­iv­ists intro­duced them­selves. These ‘Dutch act­iv­ist health pro­fes­sion­als’ go by the some­what mil­it­ant name PrEP Tac­tical Unit (PTU). Besides our com­munity effort PrEPnu, there is now also a group of con­cerned act­iv­ists […]

Study shows: PrEP would be cost effect­ive in the Neth­er­lands

Last updated 03/01/2017

Intro­du­cing PrEP in the Neth­er­lands would be cost effect­ive. With a sig­ni­fic­ant price reduc­tion, it could even be cost saving. These two find­ings from a study that Dutch research­ers from Erasmus MC and AMC pub­lished in the Lancet Infec­tious Dis­eases should be music to the ears of the Dutch Min­is­ter for Health […]

On the PrEP Boat: Jen­nifer Hopelezz’s Pride

Last updated 03/01/2017

I couldn’t miss the oppor­tun­ity at Canal Parade when Poz & Proud invited me onto their boat, with the theme PrEP. Being a member of the PrEP action group, I’m a vocal sup­porter of this new weapon against HIV. PrEP, a pill taken daily or inter­mit­tently, is almost 100% effect­ive in pre­vent­ing HIV. That […]

PrEPnu at Euro­Pride Ams­ter­dam 2016

Last updated 03/01/2017

PrEPnu act­iv­ists will be calling for your atten­tion at several Euro­Pride Ams­ter­dam 2016 events and parties. They’ll encour­age you to educate your­self regard­ing PrEP and support our com­munity effort for imme­di­ate access to PrEP in The Neth­er­lands. There are several ways to support us, one of which is to sign […]

PrEP approval in Europe, no more excuses!

Last updated 03/01/2017

Today, the European Medi­cines Agency (EMA) recom­men­ded Truvada for pre­vent­ive use in Europe. Now the Min­is­ter for Health needs to act accord­ingly and make PrEP avail­able in The Neth­er­lands.   European regis­tra­tion The EMA is an agency of the European Union (EU). The Agency is respons­ible for the sci­entific eval­u­ation, […]

Pills as HIV pre­ven­tion

Last updated 03/01/2017

HIV med­ic­a­tion is not just life saving for HIV pos­it­ive people, but if you take it cor­rectly you can’t trans­mit the virus to sex part­ners, even if you don’t use condoms. This pos­it­ive con­clu­sion is drawn from the large European PARTNER study among almost 900 straight and gay serodis­cord­ant couples (one […]